Saturday, October 23, 2010

FARTCATCHER 5000 (posted 11/9/10)

This is my group's infomercial for the "Fart Catcher 2000"
Wonder how many of these we're going to sell?


  1. Sorry, for the "Fart Catcher 5000" The 2000 model was last year's model and only held 2000 farts.

  2. The teacher looked at me while he was critiquing our video. I wanted to tell him that Dan did all the piecing of the pieces together and I just did some of the the acting (and nearly all of the banner in part one). I thought by telling him this, we might get higher than a "B" for once. But I kept to myself took the criticisms (although they were good criticisms).

    However, with that said, I like the works that we did, and I like the works I did in the previous assignments and don't really care if anyone else does. I would have given myself a few more "A" grades, but that's just me.