Monday, October 4, 2010

Final Projects (posted 12/4)


For my final projects, I selected three projects from out teacher's list of online "crowdsourcing" art projects. We were only required to select two projects but I have not yet seen my contribution to the Johnny Cash Project go live yet. So I've decided to contribute to a third "crownsourcing" project, just in case.

Crowdsourcing is one of those terms I understand but have a hard time putting into words. So I referred to the ever-so-trustworthy Wikipedia for a definition: "...the act of outsourcing tasks, traditionally performed by an employee or contractor, to an undefined, large group of people or community (a crowd), through an open call."  Kind of a wordy definition but I think you'll get a better idea of crowdsourcing after looking at my final projects.

Final Project 1: The Johnny Cash Project  (

This one was a lot of fun, well that is until being logged out of their site unknowingly before trying to submit my work. On the third or fourth try, it finally occurred to me that perhaps the site doesn't like Mozilla Firefox. This image below is a snapshot of what I did in Internet Explorer and I even received a "successful submission" message!

In this project, the end user gets to color (although really only in grayscale) frames of a Johnny Cash music video. It records your strokes so that other visitors can see how you created the masterpiece. After "successful submission" your work is then incorporated (hopefully) with everyone else's work found here:

I have yet to see mine posted, but if you find it please let me know.

Final Project 2:  Man With A Movie Camera: The Global Remake (

This project was also a lot of fun because it involved my son being a typical 8-year-old boy at an arcade in Walmart.  I'm real glad I at least had my cell phone to record this video. My only regret with this project is that the original video had to be converted to WMV so that it can be shorten in Windows Movie Maker, and then reconverted to MOV for upload. I had to take out other cute parts so that the video's length would be the correct size. But still, I enjoyed this project and its final outcome.

This is the original video recorded from my cell phone (3gp format):

This is a snapshot of my contribution to the global remake project:

My video contribution can be played at

In a nutshell this project, Man With A Movie Camera: The Global Remake, is a global montage of video clips that closely resemble the same elements of Vertov’s 1929 film "Man With A Movie Camera". The contributer's video is then ran next to the original video clip.

More information can be found at

Final Project 3:  Learning to Love You More (

This is the project I chose to replace the Johnny Cash project in case of technical difficulties. If the teacher still accepts my first project regardless, then consider this an extra bonus.

Learning to Love You More is a Web site where users can choose from a list of assignments a task to complete. I had difficulty chosing which assignment to do but eventually narrowed it down to "take a photo of the sun". However, after posting the Final Project 2 assignment above, it occurred to me that this would be a great opportunity to show the entire video from that project. You won't find my project on the Learning to Love You More site because they've stopped taking submissions a long time ago.

It could be assumed that is a quick and easy assignment since I already have the video on my cell phone. However, it should be noted that when my cell phone takes video, it breaks it up into smaller chuncks of 3gp format clips. So I had to convert all smaller chuncks into WMV format so that Windows Movie Maker can work with them. Then I had to combine and export them into one large video. I decided not to reconvert this one because the more conversions I do, the grainer it gets (and cell phone videos tend to already be grainy).

I chose "Assignment #3 - Make a documentary video about a small child" and based on the other submissions, mine is pretty much what was expected. In keeping with the assignment's criteria, I've also in captions, titles, and credits.  This is a keeper for decades to come.


This completes my Art 245 final projects (and I believe this blog).  At first I dreaded these projects but overall they ended up being a lot of fun.

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