Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Third Assignment: "Beyond the Crisis" (posted 9/25/10)

As promised in my blog's introduction post, I'm attempting be be less gloomy and doomy in this and future assignments. However, as instructed, this assignment is based off my last assignment, a triptych called "Midlife Crisis." Therefore, being more positive in this assignment was a challenge. What makes this animation less gloomy is the hope I find at the cross of Christ, as depicted in the end of the video. Also, to bring a little "ahhh" to the video, I started it off with an cute image of a baby which I appropriated from the Internet.

Basically, this piece (as well as the last assignment) represents a man who has been going through the horrible depression associated with the midlife crisis. In the last assignment, his faith and hope was not centered on God. However, in this assignment, his faith and hope in God is restored despite the depression.

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