Friday, October 29, 2010

This blog was created... (posted 9/20/10)

This blog was created for the purpose of showing my assignments from the Art 245 class I'm currently enrolled in.  As a professional Webmaster, I suppose I could have created a site using W3C compliant XHTML, CSS, Javascript. However, lately my time has become very limited and for once it feels nice just to let Blogger do it.

If time permits, I'll probably change the design to allow for a better Hubble Telescope image, or perhaps a completely different background image, or I'll tweak the HTML just for fun. Or perhaps I'll leave it as it is. Truthfully, I don't use blogs very much so this will be a learning experience for me as well.

On that note  (posted 11/24 but let's pretend it was posted in Sept.):

Despite many of its users' requests, Blogger does not give the option to sort posts in ascending/descending order. Toward the end of the semester, our teacher told us to change the post dates to change the order of these posts. I've searched the Blogger help files and this was the ONLY feasible way to do this (sad but true) and many users have requested this option.

Therefore, do not trust the automatically assigned post dates because they've all been changed. Instead, go by the posted date in the titles (I'm pretty sure they are correct).

First two assignments:

My first two assignments, and perhaps following assignments, are from a perspective of my life without God. Actually, my life is with God but my focus hasn't always been on Him and, therefore, these assignments might seem somewhat gloomy. They're already completed and will be posted as is. Depending on future assignments, I'll try to keep my focus more on God as I do them so that they don't appear so gloomy.

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