Thursday, October 28, 2010

First Assignment: Another Blissful Day in America (posted 9/20/10)

 Unfortunately, the lab that has the better photo of this project on one of its hard drives was closed for lunch when I went there to upload it. So this is my "plan B" upload. Hopefully, I'll upload the "plan A" picture at an later time.

This project was our one and only hands-on project without the use of a computer. We had to use a sharp knife to cut out bits and pieces from magazines and books an paste it onto an original artwork. This kind of art is called "DADA Montage".

For you Star Wars fans, this piece takes the overall plot of the first 3 recent episodes and applies it to America. In short, America the republic is "evolving" into an empire. Click on the image to see the full size version.


  1. I love how you take something somewhat innocent like a children's ride and turn it into something dark and somewhat political (obama, osama etc.) but you still try to keep some of those childlike elements in it with dora, the dinosaur, and spiderman. Its like the adult world vs. the kid world. Very cool

  2. I really enjoy the theme of this project. Mid-life crisis is something we will all go through and I think you really pulled everything together really well. Good job!